Pulver        control
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Coating thickness measurement before baking
Powdercontrol-system to prevents
lack coating prior kilns


  • Flow measurement device of powder in coating systems in the varnish industry
  • Flow measurement device in nano technology
  • Flow measurement particle-gas-mixture in surface technology
  • Flow measurement plasma syringes (ex: solar technology)
  • Powder flow measurement for quality control
  • Flow measurement for automation and material economization in the chemical industry
  • Flow measurement for automation and material economization, food industry
  • Flow measurement particle-gas-concentration in environmental engineering
  • Flow measurement in talc monitoring, rubber industry
  • Flow measurement in ceramic coating technology
  • ensured by calibrating continuous layer thickness
    Powdercontrol Sensor
    Pulver        control
    Kiesl Elektronik GmbH
    Powder Sensor1
    length approx. 18cm
    Powder Sensor2
    length approx. 16cm
    special sensor 1/2 inch with bar display / relay output
    Powder Sensor3
    length approx. 28cm
    Technical data:
    Aluminium housing plastic piping anchorage
    Standard flowdrill-hole 4mm, 6mm, 11mm or according to client specifications
    Connection: 11mm stainless steelnozzles, 1/8 inch gland "pneumatic system"
    Operating : RS 232 24Volt, 0-10V, 4:20 mA 24 Volt
    Power : max 30 mA
    Measurement resoltion in all systems 12bit (1 : 4096)
    Operation point internally adjustable amplificatin factor 1-10x
    Measurement reading attenuation:6 programs for average determination, adjustable 1-512
    Connection: circular connector according to IEC60130-9
    Flow direction: both sides possible
    Mounting orientation: horizontal, also vertikal
    Measurement data: RS232 max. 10 vales/sec- baud rate 9600
    Measurement data: 0-10 V - 4:20 mA max.100 vales/sec-
    Explosion protection II 3D 85�C (T6) ATEX zone 22
    Powder   Control   Application
    Type: PCS-1
    Sensor: PCS-1
    11mm hose nozzle
    interface:  RS232
    0-10 volts / 4:20 mA
    Type: PCS-2
    Sensor: PCS-2
    Quick coupling 8mm / 6mm
    interface:  RS232
    0-10 volts / 4:20 mA
    Type: PCS-3
    Sensor: PRS-1
    11mm hose nozzle
    Switching output relay
    Switching output transistor
    Type: PCS-4
    Sensor: PCS-Sonder
    1" hose nozzle
    Switching output relay
    Switching output transistor
    bar display
    Measuring powder flow of venturi (injektor)- sensors in Powder coating equipment
    Measuring powder flow in installation mit hdlv powder coating
    Measuring and control adding material in laser coating plants
    Measuring and control adding material in plasma coating plants
    Monitoring and control powder flow adding material in manufacturing plants (z.B.release material,talc in cable production, rubber industry etc.)
    Display  and  evaluation  devices
    Type: PCL-1
    display labor- PCL-1
    compact controller / cableset
    function:  compact controller for time running display
    measurement signal. Extensive adaptations of
    measured values, limit setting, save-function,
    time zone, display size approx. 60 x 20 mm
    operation 24 volts approx.200mA
    interface:  RS 232
    voltage: -- writer, memory-
    use oszillograph
    Type: PCM-1
    Built-in module RS232 PCM-1
    function:  use in multiple line-controllers,
    same function as laboratory devices
    individual adjustment each line
    a powder coating plants with lifting mechanism
    resp. multiple powder guns.
    interface:  RS 232
    Powdercontrol Data Evaluation
    Besides the application
    connection to a PLC,
    various versions of information
    and visuel systems are
    available. The use of a small
    display with chronological
    display of the measurement
    readings allows a timely
    ovservation of changes (errors).
    Examples of application for switchboards and valve body assembly with up to
    24 lines. Module and front plate acording to client requirements. Cross-linking,
    measurements etc. can be implemented accordingly.
    Application   Examples
    1 paint shop with 6 powder guns as well as
    deployment of 6 sensors within pipeline
    powder coating-plant


    Established 1987 - Development and manufacture of industrial electronic systems. 15 years ago,
    a measurement system to monitor powder ejection in coating technology was deveoped.
    Easiest operation, informative display technology, Load removal and economization of personnel
    and material costs as well as qualitycontrol. Amortization of the systems in a very short time.

    Technical information:

    For the adaption on PLC machine control systems, we offer additional electronics for
    implementation of the sensor software RS232/0-10V voltage signal as well as 4-20 mA current
    output. With our CSV-software, multiple signals can be assigned an address serially or as a
    combined signal and be collected for data analysis. Furthermore, our staff is technically equipped
    to offer applications of chronological electronic interpretation for connection to other types of
    sensors (temperature, time relay of temperature monitoring in kilns, etc.).

    We answer inquiries rapidly and competently.

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